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404's = Lost Visitors = Lost Customers = Lost Revenue

404 Correction Services

Need help finding and correcting your site's 404 errors? Our experts will perform a detailed scan of your website to find all the errors affecting your SEO and UX. Once found, we'll build the redirects and correct the links within your website. This will help reclaim lost links and improve the experience visitors have when interacting with your website. Our ongoing services can continue to monitor for errors on an ongoing basis. To get started, please email for more information.

Technical & On-Page SEO Analysis

Good SEO requires having a strong technical infrastructure, including the removal of errors. With this on-page and technical SEO analysis, our experts will review your website's errors and advice on the other aspects of your website's technical structure that affect how your SEO performs. This analysis includes a detailed review of all the errors on your website, including 404 errors, form errors, usability errors, and more. We'll recommend the various changes you need to make to the technical side of your website in order to earn higher search rankings and higher conversion rates. To get started, please email

Analytics Configuration

Through our partner organization, Elementive, we also provide an in-depth, advanced web analytics configuration project. As part of this project, you'll get a detailed setup and configuration of web analytics so you fully understand everything people do when visiting your website. With this, you'll have the data you need to improve your website's user experience and increase conversions. This setup also includes monitoring for a variety of different errors, including 404s. Learn more or get started at