Understand The Real Impact Of 404 Errors

You need to know more than what links are broken on your website. Instead, you need to know how many visotors and customers you are losing because of those error pages. Chances are good, you are losing more than you realize.

Are You Finding Every 404 Error?

If you manage a website, you've probably checked your website for broken links.

Great, right? Not so fast.

The popular tools out there to check for broken links miss out on about 83% of the 404's visitors encounter.

Unlike crawl tools, SpringTrax finds 404's resulting from every source. But more than that, SpringTrax helps you understand what 404's really cost your business.

Understand What 404's Are The Most Important

Just because you fixed 404's doesn't mean you actually accomplished something useful for your website. While it is best practice to correct 404's, ultimately, you have to determine what you actually gained by fixing those 404 errors.

Google Webmaster Tools: So what if you fixed links?
You fixed broken links...so what?

A Better Way To Analyze 404 Errors

To really understand the impact broken links have on the people visiting your website, you need to know more about your site's 404's. You need to know how many visitors saw that not found error page after clicking on a broken link. You need to know how many potential customers you lost as a result. You need to know how critical that error is so that you can fix accordingly.

SpringTrax analyzes your website traffic to give you all the information you need about every 404 error on your website. By tracking which not found errors your visitors saw, we provide deeper insight into your website's not found errors than any other tool.

With SpringTrax, you'll have a better understanding of your 404 not found errors. Plus, we'll help you fix all of those 404 errors.

SpringTrax key data
The way we look at and understand not found errors at SpringTrax.

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