What Do People Do After Reaching A 404?

What do people do after they reach a 404 not found error page on your website? That person has two choices: leave your website (abandon) or stay on your website (continue).

While other tools stop there, at SpringTrax we don't feel like only looking at those two choices gives you enough information to understand how 404's affect your business. We also don't feel like that information is complete enough to make decisions about how you should fix those 404's.

SpringTrax Reports On The Full "Post-Error Activity"

Why aren't those two choices enough? Well, what about visitors who leave your website but come back a short time later, perhaps by clicking on a different link?

That visitor still wants something from your website and that not found error page didn't completely cost you that visitor. Other tools treat those people as part of the abandonment group. At SpringTrax, we don't feel that is the right group for those visitors and we count those visitors as a form of continuation.

In short, at SpringTrax we go deeper with the analysis of your not found error pages. We review all types of behavior after people reach a broken link on your website.

Because we monitor this activity, SpringTrax is able to tell you the complete story about what visitors did after reaching a not found error page on your website.

Visitors Who Leave

The most important post-error activity to monitor is visitors who leave your website and do not return. On average, 74% of people who reach a 404 error page will leave your website and not return.

A 404 error resulting in a high amount of lost visitors could potentially mean a huge loss to your business. The more visitors you have, the bigger the loss you face.

SpringTrax monitors this loss on a continual basis and will alert you when we find the loss is becoming substantial. Along with alerting you to the issue, we'll offer suggestions about how to fix each 404 not found error page. That way, you can correct the 404 error and quit losing visitors, quickly and easily.

What happens after people reach a not found error page?
SpringTrax tells you what people do after seeing a broken link.

Visitors Who Stay

At SpringTrax, we use the data about the visitors who stay on your website as one of many signals to help you determine how to fix a 404 not found error page. Knowing where people went after reaching a not found error page helps us determine what visitors really wanted from your website.

This allows SpringTrax to offer intelligent recommendations about your website's not found error pages.

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