How To Find Every 404 Error On Your Website

Before you can fix the 404 errors on your website, you have to find those 404's. Unfortunately, other broken link tools only tell you about some of the 404 errors on your website.

Do you want limited information? Of course not! You need to know about every 404 error that your visitors encounter. SpringTrax is designed to help you do exactly that.

Where Do 404's Come From?

Why don't other tools tell you about every 404 error?

Other link checkers are only designed to look for broken links on your website that lead people to 404 errors. Discovering these broken links are an important part of finding and fixing every 404 on your website.

However, almost 80% of the 404 errors your visitors encounter on your website result from broken links somewhere other than your website (more info about where people find 404's). For example, here are three common ways people can reach a 404 error on your site:

  1. Old bookmarks. You want people to bookmark your content so that they can easily return to your website. Unfortunately, as you change content, the links on your website will naturally change too. While you can prevent some old bookmarks, you will never prevent every broken link resulting from outdated bookmarks.
  2. Incorrectly shared URLs. Let's say you have a page on your website with the address "". Unfortunately, one of your customers copied that URL as "" (without the "s" at the end) and then shared that incorrect URL with their friends on Facebook. Those Facebook friends will now reach a not found error page on your website when they click that incorrect link.
  3. Broken links on other websites. As a natural part of promoting your business, you want other websites to link to your website. That other website might be a blog, a local newspaper, or an industry-specific site. Unfortunately, these site might accidentally link to a broken page on your website. Or, they are linking to a page that you have removed.

You Can't Fix What You Don't Find

Knowing where people found the 404 errors on your website is an important part of fixing your website's not found error pages. Different kinds of sources leading to 404 errors mean different solutions and different priorities for correcting the not found error pages.

For instance, correcting a 404 error resulting from a Google search result or a Facebook share is usually far more important than correcting a 404 error that results from an old bookmark.

How SpringTrax Looks At Not Found Error Page Sources

At SpringTrax, we monitor your visitors to find every 404 error that your visitors reach, from every source. With SpringTrax, you'll know about 404's resulting from broken links on your website and 404's resulting from old bookmarks, Google search results, incorrectly shared URLs, and more.

SpringTrax evaluates the sources behind each 404 error and provides specific recommendations to help you fix those 404's. If you want, you can even dive deeper into the details for each 404 error page.

SpringTrax Sources - Key Data Report
SpringTrax looks at every source leading to 404 not found errors on your website.

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