FAQs About 404 Errors & SpringTrax

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Common Questions

Are 404 errors really a problem? Is it worth investing in a tool like SpringTrax to address broken links?

Yes! (But you expected us to say that, right?)

404 error happen at random. You might have a stretch for a week or two where only a few people reach a broken page on your website. Then, all the sudden dozens or hundreds or thousands of visitors are reaching a 404 error.

Maybe you recently changed your content, maybe something broke on your website's code, or maybe another website linked to a bad page. Really, the possibilities of what can cause a broken link are endless.

SpringTrax monitors your site watching for sudden increases in people finding a broken link on your website or leaving your site due to a broken link. We alert you when we see new problems with 404 errors. That way, you don't risk a problem going undetected.

What makes SpringTrax different than other broken link checkers?

Broken link crawl tools only look at links on your website. While these tools are helpful to identify broken links on your website, they miss out on other types of broken links your visitors can find. For example, broken links can result from links on other websites, old bookmarks, links shared via social networks, or typos. You need to know about broken links resulting from all sources, not just broken links on your website.

For more about how we compare to other tools, check out our detailed comparison of broken link tools.

Can't I track traffic to broken links/404 not found errors via Google Analytics, Web Trends, StatCounter, or another stat tool?

Sort of, but the data you get from Google Analytics or other stat tools about your 404 not found error pages will be incomplete compared to what SpringTrax can offer. After all, Google Analytics (and other stat tools) are great at what they do, but they weren't built to help you find and fix 404 error pages.

Learn more about how SpringTrax compares to Google Analytics.

Can't I track traffic to 404's with data in my web log files?

It is doable, but pretty complex. Even if you do manage to analyze 404 errors in your web log files, the data you get will be incomplete compared to what SpringTrax can offer. Plus, analyzing web log files won't offer any automated suggestions about how to fix your the 404's on your site. SpringTrax is designed to be simple to setup and designed to make it easy to find & fix every 404 that is driving away your customers.

Will SpringTrax affect my website's performance?

No. Our tracking code is light weight (less than 2kb) and loads asynchronously so that it does not interrupt the load of your website. We do crawl some of the pages on your website to check for data we can't get from our collection tool. However, we limit the amount of crawling we do to the absolute minimum and distribute our crawl load so that we don't overload your server.

Can I track soft 404s with SpringTrax?

Yes. We support all types of 404 errors, including traditional and soft 404s. If you would like to double check your specific setup, please email us at info@springtrax.com.

What counts as a website for SpringTrax?

We consider a website to be any unique domain or subdomain. For example, if I want to track https://springtrax.com and https://help.springtrax.com, then I would be tracking two websites.

I need more than 30 websites. How do I do that?

Please contact info@springtrax.com for enterprise pricing.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes. All SpringTrax accounts are subscription based with either monthly or yearly terms. You can cancel your account at any time. For more, please read our terms of service.

How does SpringTrax handle my website's data? Is it private? Is it secure?

Yes, all data stored by SpringTrax is secure. Data about websites in your account will only be available to authorized users of your account. We do not share data specific to your account. However, data about your account might be used as part of anonymous, aggregated data. For more, please read our privacy policy.

How do I setup SpringTrax?

After signing up for an account, you will get tracking code to install on your website. Copy the tracking code and paste it on your website, either in the <head> or <body> section of your page. After that, sit back, relax, and wait for the reports to start rolling in about your website's 404 errors.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about SpringTrax, please email us at info@springtrax.com.

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