How SpringTrax Helped A Non-Profit Find A Hidden 404 Problem On Their Site

SpringTrax was able to help a local non-profit get rid of a problem they didn't even realize they had in a critical part of their website.

One of the non-profit organization's missions is to allow their community to search for informational resources on their website. The non-profit has an application on their website that helps facilitate that search. This search application is used by thousands of people every month and has helped the non-profit become a trustworthy resource in their community.

For most people searching the non-profit's website, the application performs great and connects people with the information they want to find. Unfortunately, after installing SpringTrax, the non-profit found a problem they didn't even know they had that kept people from reaching the information they were seeking.

A Hidden 404 Not Found Error Problem

After installing SpringTrax, the non-profit was shocked to find that several people were reaching a 404 not found error instead of reaching the information they were searching for. This error only affected a small percentage of the people searching for information on their website.

However, the people who were affected had a bad experience on the non-profit's website. After all, instead of finding the information they wanted, they instead found a not found error. As you might expect, most of those people who reached the 404 error left the website as a result and didn't return.

Worse, the 404 error showing up instead of the resources the visitor wanted reflected poorly on the non-profit's reputation. That meant the non-profit was unable to fulfill their mission of connecting people with the information they were seeking.

Prior to installing SpringTrax, the non-profit had no idea that anybody was encountering 404 errors on this website application. The developers of the application had not encountered this issue during testing given that the issue was random and only affected a small percentage of the people searching on this application.

Meanwhile, other link checker tools had given the non-profit's site a clean bill of health. Those other link checking tools were unable to locate these 404 errors because those tools don't monitor visits to 404 errors.

As a result, the non-profit didn't think they had any issues with 404 errors. Thanks to SpringTrax, they found out that they did, in fact, have an issue with 404 errors in one of the most important parts of their website.

Their first question, naturally, was where were the 404 errors coming from? Their second question was how to fix those 404s?

SpringTrax was able to answer both questions.

What Caused Visitors To Reach Those 404 Errors?

In reviewing the information provided by SpringTrax, the non-profit's developers discovered that the 404s were resulting from a bug in their application's code. The bug affected the people searching for information at random intervals. Because of the random nature of the bug, the issue was too difficult to detect during normal testing.

Other link checking tools were unable to detect these 404 errors because those other link checkers don't monitor visitors. It was only because SpringTrax was watching what happened with visitors on this non-profit's website that SpringTrax was able to find the 404s for this non-profit.

SpringTrax Helped Fix The 404s

Using SpringTrax's recommendations, the non-profit's developers were able to quickly implement the necessary changes to get rid of this 404 error.

Without SpringTrax, it would have normally required the developers to spend several hours figuring out how to fix this problem and then more time to implement the solution. With SpringTrax's information about the problem and SpringTrax's recommended fixes, the developers were able to fix the 404s in less than an hour.

Continued Monitoring

To make sure new 404 errors do not suddenly appear on this application or on other areas of their site, the non-profit is relying on SpringTrax for continued monitoring of their website's 404 not found error pages.

SpringTrax's monitoring will alert the web team to any new 404 errors, help the non-profit quickly understand where those errors came from, and, most importantly, will help the non-profit fix those not found errors quickly and easily.

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