Tell A Story, Don't Just Report Data

At SpringTrax, our mission is to make the data about your site's 404 errors easy to understand. Some people enjoy reviewing numbers, but other people get overwhelmed by too many numbers. Even for people who enjoy reviewing numbers, analyzing lots of numerical data takes time.

As a result, we take a story-based approach to our data at SpringTrax. We prefer to tell a small story about the data to every report we deliver. Stories are quicker to read, already interpret the data for you. That way, you get the important details without spending a lot of time on the numbers.

SpringTrax Tells A Story With Data
SpringTrax tells a story with data.

Where this is especially helpful is on our alert email. The alert emails are supposed to provide an instant notification about a problem. Only giving you a list of numbers might not provide that instant understanding of the problem. Instead of getting right into the numbers, we start with this:

SpringTrax Alert Emails

Of course, we also have tables and lists of numbers that provide more depth than a brief story ever could. This detailed data is important to learn more about your site's broken link activity. However, that data takes time to review and understand. Our goal with story-based reporting is to help you save time by not making you have to constantly review detailed reports.


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