Data Should Be Stated In Plain English

Web analytics provide a wealth of information. Unfortunately, some analytics tools make it tricky to fully understand the information provided. A lot of the trickiness is due to the way data points are worded.

At SpringTrax, our philosophy is that understanding data about your website shouldn't require a lot of work. We don't want you to ever ask "Wait, what does that number mean?" about the data we provide you.

The best example of this is the "continuation rate", which is one of the key stats in our recap emails. Our recap emails consist of six data points our users have told us our incredibly important. We've worked hard to make sure these data points are stated plainly and stated in a way that requires little time to comprehend. Ultimately, we want people to spend less than 1 minute on the recap emails.

SpringTrax Recap Email
SpringTrax Recap Email

Let's Talk About SpringTrax's Continuation Rate

The data point that took the most work to word correctly was "continuation rate".

Continuation rate means "how many people stayed on your site after reaching a 404 error." Originally, we only called that data point "continuation rate". Once our beta-testing users understood what that term meant, they liked it because it was concise and succinct.

However, the term "continuation rate" by itself was a little too technical and did require explanation to new users. So, in our next update we tried calling it "Visitors Who Stayed After A 404 Error". That phrase proved too wordy, requiring too much time to read. However, after reading that phrase people did clearly understand what it meant.

Finally, we settled on "Continuation Rate (People Who Stayed)". That phrase is easy enough to read and comprehend. Plus, after you understand what "Continuation Rate" means, you can simply ignore the rest, making the phrase even easier to read.


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