How SpringTrax Approaches Broken Pages

There are three common approaches web managers often take to 404 errors. None are wrong, but all of these views are incomplete. At SpringTrax, we take a different approach to 404s by focusing on users. Our goal is to help you understand how not found errors affect the people visiting your site.

Ways To Approach 404s

Approach #1: A Technical Issue

Developers and server techs typically approach 404s as a technical problem. In this view, a 404 error means something broke: a page was removed, there was an incorrect link in the source code, the database couldn't find the requested content, etc.

Approach #2: A Search Engine Optimization Issue

Search marketers, or SEOs, tend to see 404s as a technical SEO issue. A 404 error means that Google or Bing can't index that broken page, and are wasting crawl bandwidth on errors. Not found errors will lead to lost rankings and lost traffic from search results.

Approach #3: A Sales Problem

Another approach to 404s is that broken links lead to a decline in sales. If people see broken links on your site, they'll leave your site. Lost visitors mean lost customers. Lost customers mean lost revenue. It also means lost repeat business and lost referrals.

These Approaches Are Too Limited

All of those approaches are valid concerns about 404 errors. A not found error does mean something broke on your site. Broken pages can lead to a decline in rankings. We have lots of proof that 404s can cost you sales.

Broken pages go beyond these concerns; broken pages are a user experience problem. Managing your website requires creating an experience for your customers. That experience needs to reflect your company's values and should not reflect errors.

The SpringTrax Approach: A User Problem

It goes beyond a technical problem or a search problem or a sales problem. Not found errors present a problem for the people visiting your site. If users have a good experience, you won't have technical issues. A good experience will lead, directly and indirectly, to higher rankings in search results. A good experience will lead to higher sales.

We Focus On Visitors

At Springtrax, we approach broken links by focusing on visitors. How many people saw a broken page on your site? Where did they find those broken pages? Which broken pages are affecting your users the most? How do you fix those broken pages to improve the experience people have on your site?

Putting It To Use: How SpringTrax Focuses On Visitors

  • The recap email tells you how many people saw broken pages on your site, and how many left as a result.
  • Our alert emails tell you how if more visitors start reaching broken pages. Alert emails include instructions to help you fix those 404s quickly and easily.
  • Our source report tells you everywhere people found broken links to your site, whether it was on your site or somewhere else on the web.


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