Questions To Ask About Broken Experiences

There is a difference between technical errors and broken experiences. The broken experience is how your visitors deal with the error. While you want to remove the technical error, you also want to determine how your visitors react to the broken experience. The worse your broken experience, the more customers you will lose when they encounter an error on your website.

Evaluating Broken Experiences

How good is your broken experience currently? Are you losing customers because of your site's broken experiences? Here are the questions to find out:

1) What technical errors are visitors currently encountering on your website?
There are many different types of errors that can occur on your website. The first step to improving broken experiences is to know which broken experiences your visitors encounter. To know that, you need to know which technical errors exist on your website.

SpringTrax helps you understand what 404 errors your visitors are encountering on your website. However, there are many other types of errors that can occur on your site. For instance, Inspectlet's form analytics offers a tool to understand various types of errors that can occur on your website's forms. Hyperspin can help you monitor your server's performance to see how many of your visitors encounter a "server not available" error.

2) How many visitors are affected?

Once you know which errors are occurring, the next step is to determine how many visitors are affected. Those monitoring tools mentioned above can help you determine this number. For instance, with SpringTrax you will know exactly how many visitors reached a 404 error page on your website.

Knowing how many uses encounter the error will help you gauge which broken experiences you need to craft. If 100 visitors see a 404 error page on your website but only 10 visitors have a problem with your search form, then it is more important to adjust the broken experience related to the 404 error page.

3) How do your visitors currently react to the broken experience?
Finally, you need to measure how the current broken experience performs. Does that broken experience frustrate your visitors and cause them to leave your website? Or, does that broken experience help your visitors recover and move beyond the error?

At SpringTrax, we report on how many visitors left your website after reaching a 404 error. Visitors can react to a 404 error by leaving your website or sticking around on your website after they see that 404 error. The more visitors who react by leaving, the worse your 404 error's broken experience is.

SpringTrax's Report On 404 Errors
With SpringTrax, you'll know how many visitors left your website due to 404 errors.

Determining Which Broken Experiences Matter Most

Taking all those questions together, you will be able to determine which errors are the most critical, and which broken experiences you need to craft.

If many visitors are affected by a specific error, but most of those visitors can recover and move beyond the error with the current broken experience, it may not be necessary to change that broken experience.

However, if many people who reach another type of error abandon your website never to return, then it becomes incredibly important to improve that particular broken experience to better satisfy the visitors you encounter it.


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