Marking 404s As Fixed & Ignoring Other Not Found Errors

In this blog post, we'd like to take an opportunity to talk about a new SpringTrax feature that will help you manage your website's not found error pages.

Feature #1: Mark As Fixed

After you fix the 404 errors on your website, you can mark those 404 not found errors as fixed in your SpringTrax account. This helps you keep track of which broken pages you have corrected and which errors you have yet to correct.

Once you mark as 404 error as fixed, SpringTrax will continue monitoring this 404 error. If it comes back, we'll tell you about it right away. All of us who manage websites have had this happen where a change we implemented accidentally got reversed. That redirect you added was deleted in the next update or the link you corrected suddenly got added again.

Feature #2 Ignoring 404 Errors

Also in your SpringTrax account, you can now ignore not found error pages. This is especially helpful to remove not found error pages you don't care about from the reports. (Learn more about why you might want to ignore 404s.)

This isn't a feature we'd recommend using often. After all, you want to know about the not found errors on your website. One example of an error you might want to ignore are not found errors that result from testing something new on your website. That new feature or new page accidentally created a link to a not found error page. You know exactly why that 404 happened. So, you don't want to be notified about this error while you continue testing.

How To Mark As Fixed & Ignore

This short video will explain how to mark 404 errors as fixed and ignore not found errors in your SpringTrax account. If you have any questions about using this in your account, please email us.


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