Fixing Broken Links On Your Website

In last week's blog post, we discussed how to fix 404 not found errors with redirects. This week, we want to look at another way to correct 404 errors by fixing broken links that exist on your website.

Correcting Broken Links Isn't Enough

It is important to note that correcting the broken link on your website is not a complete solution to fixing 404 errors. Correcting a broken link will only shut down that one point of access to that 404 error. That point of access you are shutting down is the broken link contained within your website.

However, broken links on your website only account for one of the ways visitors can encounter 404 errors on your website (read more about the ways people reach 404 errors). Because of this, fixing the broken link on your website will not completely prevent people from reaching that same 404 again. For example, people might find a link to that same 404 error on another website.

As a result, along with correcting the broken link, we suggest adding in a redirect to permanently prevent people from reaching the same 404 error again from any source. If you have SpringTrax, we help you fix any broken links on your site and implement the necessary redirects to permanently shut down 404 errors.

404 Error Fixes: Correcting The Broken Link On Your Site

The first step to correcting the broken link on your site is to locate the broken link contained on your website. Thankfully, SpringTrax makes this easy. We tell you exactly which page on your site contains the broken link leading visitors to a 404 not found error page.

SpringTrax Link Correction Recommendations
SpringTrax's recommendations tell you which broken links to fix on your site.

In the example screenshot above, the broken link is contained on and the broken link goes to

You will want to edit the page containing the broken link. In this example, that is the page.

While editing this page, you will want to find the link to blue-t-shirt.html and remove that link (or change that link to go to another page). How you find that depends on how exactly you manage your page.

Specific Examples Of Correcting Broken Links

In WordPress, you click the "link" icon and change the URL in the dialog box that appears.

Fixing A Broken Link In WordPress
Changing a link in WordPress.

In Adobe Dreamweaver, you click the "link" and change the URL in the properties box.

Fixing A Broken Link In Dreamweaver
Changing a link in Adobe Dreamweaver.

If you manage your site in an HTML editor, you can just change the href attribute in the correct <a> tag.

Fixing A Broken Link In HTML
Changing an HTML link.

Need Help?

We want you to get rid of 404 errors on your website so that you quit losing customers. As a result, we are happy to help you correct the broken links contained on your website. Please email us at if you have any questions or need help.


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