How SpringTrax Alert Emails Help

To help you mange your website's not found error pages, SpringTrax offers alert emails to tell you about new, critical issues related to your site's 404 not found errors. After all, how can you fix a problem you don't even know about?

How do you setup SpringTrax's alert emails? How exactly do SpringTrax's alert emails help?

Setting Up Alert Emails

SpringTrax Alert Email Settings
To access alert settings, go to "Admin" in the top navigation. Then select "Change recap/alert email settings."

Two Types Of Alerts

SpringTrax currently offers two types of alerts:

  1. The first alert tells you if you have an increase in exits from 404 error pages on your website. The biggest problem with 404 errors is not that they exist, it is that 404s drive people away from your website. This alert is designed to tell you if you start losing more visitors due to not found errors. The sooner you know that you are losing more visitors due to 404 errors, you can fix the problem and reduce the number of visitors you are losing due to 404 errors.
  2. The second alert tells you if more people reach a 404 error page on your website. This is especially helpful for detecting new broken links that lead visitors to 404 errors on your website. For instance, if a new press release you sent out accidentally contained a 404 error, this alert will notify you to that problem. Correcting a 404 error early will prevent more visitors from reaching that same error page (and prevent people leaving due to those 404s).

Different Magnitudes

For both alerts, we offer three different magnitudes. Basically, how sensitive do you want the alert monitoring to be?

  • A low magnitude means that subtle changes in not found error activity will trigger an alert. This can result in more alerts being sent, but also can result in quicker notifications to problems. We've found this magnitude to be especially helpful when starting a new marketing campaign. Right at the start of the campaign, you want to know immediately if anything has gone wrong so that you can fix the problem and prevent more visitors from encountering that broken link in the future.
  • A medium magnitude setting looks for changes in not found activity that are outside of your site's average not found error activity. In other words, you won't be alerted to every problem but you will be alerted to situations that are significantly unusual and problematic. This setting won't trigger as many alerts as the low setting, but will tell you about the bigger problems with broken links on your site. This is the default setting for new websites, and where we suggest leaving your alerts most of the time.
  • A high magnitude will only alert you to critical situations. As a result, you will receive very few alerts from SpringTrax and may miss out on some non-critical issues. This alert setting is ideal for websites that may not be as vital to your business (such as a blog or an informational website). You may not need to know about every issue, but you do want to know about the incredibly critical issues that occur. In general, we advise against this setting because it is better to know about problems before they become critical.

How To Use A SpringTrax Alert Email

SpringTrax Alert Email
SpringTrax's alert emails show you the key data about the problem facing your website. View full size.

When you receive an alert email from SpringTrax, you'll know instantly what problem we've detected along with the key stats about how critical this problem is.

We want you to know, immediately, the answer to three questions:

  1. How much has this problem changed?
  2. How many visitors were affected?
  3. How many visitors did you lose because of this problem?

Along with providing those answers, the alert email will also tell you which 404 errors are causing problems and which sources are driving visitors to those not found errors.

You can then login to your SpringTrax account to access detailed steps to fix the broken links causing this 404 problem on your website.

Meanwhile, SpringTrax's alert monitoring system will continue watching your website to see if you have additional problems with your site's 404 errors. When we see this problem is resolved, we'll send you a follow up email so that you can stop worrying.


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