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Visits to 404 errors costs you customers and that wastes the investment you've made in designing your website. Find out how SpringTrax can protect the investment you've made in your website.

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Two Different Ways 404 Errors Affect Your Visitors

Some 404 errors last a long time while others come in a quick burst. See which type you have and how to handle the different kinds of 404 errors.

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If People Stay After Reaching A 404, Where Do They Go?

Most people who reach a 404 error are going to leave your website. But what about the people who stay?

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It All Comes Down To Trust

In light of security risks like Heartbleed, can you trust the internet?

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How Often Do You Check For 404 Errors?

How often should you check your site for 404 errors? Chances are, you aren't checking your site often enough.

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Three Unlikely Sources Of 404 Errors

What causes 404 errors? Find out some of the more unlikely sources leading visitors to 404 errors.

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5 Ways 404's Can Hurt Your Search Marketing Efforts

Are you losing search rankings due to 404s? Find out the top 5 ways 404's hurt your SEO efforts.

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Common 404s Robots Encounter & How To Fix Them

What are the most common 404's automated programs (robots) encounter? How do you fix those 404s?

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