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Questions To Ask About Broken Experiences

How do your visitors react to errors on your website? Are you losing customers because of bad error experiences?

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Broken Experiences & Technical Errors

What is the difference between a technical error and a broken experience? How do you handle broken experiences?

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How Do People Continue After Reaching An Error?

What do you need to do to keep people on your website after they've reached a not found error?

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Should Visitors Report Errors?

Should you ask visitors to report errors on your website? Find out what is wrong with this idea and why NOT to do it on your website.

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Four Stats To Know About Your Site's Errors

What stats do you need to know about your website's errors?

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It Is All About Perception

When it comes to errors on your website, what really matters is how people perceive those errors.

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Removing Road Blocks & Dead Ends In Your Site's Errors

Technology will break. Errors will happen. What can you do to prevent losing customers? You need to make those errors less frustrating and confusing. Find out how.

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How A Website Redesign Caused 404 Errors

How did a redesign cause 404 errors and cost a company customers?

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