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If People Stay After Reaching A 404, Where Do They Go?

Most people who reach a 404 error are going to leave your website. But what about the people who stay?

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It All Comes Down To Trust

In light of security risks like Heartbleed, can you trust the internet?

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How Often Do You Check For 404 Errors?

How often should you check your site for 404 errors? Chances are, you aren't checking your site often enough.

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Three Unlikely Sources Of 404 Errors

What causes 404 errors? Find out some of the more unlikely sources leading visitors to 404 errors.

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5 Ways 404's Can Hurt Your Search Marketing Efforts

Are you losing search rankings due to 404s? Find out the top 5 ways 404's hurt your SEO efforts.

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Common 404s Robots Encounter & How To Fix Them

What are the most common 404's automated programs (robots) encounter? How do you fix those 404s?

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Where Do People Find 404 Errors?

How exactly do people find 404's on my website? What causes people to reach the 404 in the first place?

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SpringTrax Or Google Analytics To Track 404's

Can't you track 404 errors in Google Analytics? Sort of, but there are at least 5 reasons SpringTrax is better at tracking 404 error pages.

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